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A young Rotary Club in Kyiv uniting Ukrainian and foreign professionals and entrepreneurs for the implementation of humanitarian projects, development of high ethical standards in the professional field, assistance in the establishment of peace and good will in Ukraine and the world; the Club constitutes a perfect platform for networking.


Kyiv International Business Club is a part of the international Rotary family, an elite worldwide highly-esteemed charity institution with 1.2 million members in 35,000 clubs (

Founding member of Inter-Country Committee Ukraine-Austria.  


“Where business leaders connect and serve on a voluntary basis to improve lives of those in need”

Rotary Club Kyiv International Business (RCKIB) is presently being registered in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Our aims are:

  • encouragement and support of decent entrepreneurship, establishing relations between business entities for mutual assistance and service to society;

  • propagation and formation of high ethical standards in business and professional life;

  • furthering the realization of the ideal of service by each member of the Organization in personal, business and public life;

  • development of international mutual understanding, good will and peace through the global fraternal association of business and professional circles;

  • community work at the local level, aimed at improving the lives of residents of a locality, district or territory;

  • preparation and implementation of projects in economic, social, cultural and other spheres;

  • assistance in personnel training and retraining in the field of economics, management, marketing, medicine, sociology, law, etc. by organizing training, internships and advanced training;

  • establishment and development of comprehensive cooperation and partnership with international organizations, namely UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, FAO; UN Women, WHO, OHCHR; UN OCHA; ILO; UNHCR, IOM and other foundations, institutions and organizations of the UN system, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the OSCE and other international intergovernmental organizations, the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, governments, diplomatic missions, international charitable foundations and bodies, political funds, children’s and youth organizations, sports federations, associations and clubs, non-governmental organizations; as well as other international bodies in order to promote the values of the Organization; peace; security; dignity; justice; rule of law; fundamental freedoms; democracy; human rights; the rights of children, girls, youth and women; equality, including gender equality; international cooperation and global partnership; corporate social responsibility; sustainable development; European integration; solidarity; environmental safety; culture; science; environment; education; sports; youth cooperation, knowledge management and submission of applications for grants, scholarships, charitable and sponsorship grants aimed at achieving the purpose of the Organization. 


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