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Almost half a million masks for needy people in Kyiv - done!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023


On Friday June 26, 2021 Rotary Club Kyiv International Business officially handed over 416,000 medical masks to Kyiv major Vitali Klitschko. These masks are a gift by the Austrian Priory of the Vatican Order "Byzantine Knights of the Holy Grave".

Charter President of the Rotary Club, Alfred F. Praus and his team, i.e. David Mohren and Marianna Kordun were guaranteed by Vitali Klitschko that these masks will be solely distributed to needy people in Kyiv.

Photos of the meeting are showing only one box out of 208 in the City warehouse.

#RCKIB: Where business leaders connect and serve on a voluntary basis to improve lives of those in need.


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